Why did "matscan" join my Minecraft server?

This website now supports Gemini

Gemini is a protocol similar to HTTP, in that it’s used for transmitting (mostly) text in (usually) a markup language. However, one of the primary goals of Gemini is simplicity. Requests are always a single TLS/TCP connection with the route, and a correct response looks like 20 text/gemini\n\rhello world\n. Additionally, Gemini uses a language called “Gemtext” as its markup language. It’s kind of like Markdown, but even simpler. Every line can only contain a single type of data, so for example you can’t have links in the middle of text. Read the Gemini spec if you’re interested.


Minecraft Server Scanning Inc markdown

This article is outdated.

A couple years ago when I was creating the blog I wrote a somewhat powerful markdown system with Regex to allow me to more easily write blog posts. Although I’ve barely written any posts, I’m still proud of it. Also this post is mostly just reference for myself, lol. I present: matdown™


The Story of ReportScammers

I wrote this story on the Hypixel Forums a while ago, but I realized it would be a good idea if I posted it on my blog too.


ReportScammers was a robot on the Hypixel SkyBlock Forums that automatically replied to posts where people were complaining that they got scammed. It all started on April 27th, 2020. I was bored and wanted to make a Hypixel Forums bot. At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted i...

Uncovering the Discord Twitch Bots

So a few days ago my friend Slip got a DM on Discord from this “Twitch” bot asking him to invite it to my servers as well as to join theirs. The message the bot said claimed that Discord and Twitch had partnered up to give its users free Nitro Games and free Twitch Prime.

It obviously looked fake, so Slip created a testing server and added me and some friends to help. Upon joining, the fake Twitch bot DMed everyone in the server with the same message as it sent to Slip. It looked like some sort of social engineering worm, bu...

What Are Domain Hacks?

A domain hack is a domain in which both the top level domain (TLD) and the second level domain (SLD) are combined to make up a word or phrase. For example, is a domain hack for mat does dev. Domain hacks are not security-related and they are completely legal.

Most domain hacks use country code top level domains (ccTLDs), for example, .it is for italy, .am is for Armenia, etc....

Who is mat?

Welcome to mat does dev. You might have some questions, so I’m here to answer them.

Who is mat? I am mat. I am a human that lives somewhere on a planet called Earth, you might’ve heard of it.

What do you do?...