Who is mat?

Welcome to mat does dev. You might have some questions, so I’m here to answer them.

mat does dev

Who is mat? I am mat. I am a human that lives somewhere on a planet called Earth, you might’ve heard of it.

What do you do? I do dev. To clarify, I mean dev as in software development.

Why do you write your name in lowercase? Because I can and no one can stop me.

What type of stuff do you make? I make a variety of different tools, and you can see some of those things in my project list on this website. The list isn’t complete though, as a lot of things I make aren’t particularly presentable.

What programming languages do you use? I mainly use Python, as it’s the language I’m most comfortable writing with. I’m also proficient with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I also know limited amounts of C++, C, Go, and Java.

How did you make this website? 2022 update: This website was rewritten in Svelte. The backend for this website was written by me in pure Python with beautiful asynchronous aiohttp.web and Jinja2. The frontend was made with VanillaJS

How can I contact you? You can contact me through Matrix (@mat:matdoes.dev).