Hypixel SkyBlock Stats

Easily view your Hypixel SkyBlock stats. Also, it shows a few other things, like average auction item prices and leaderboards.

Super Duper Simple Pinger

Send an http request to your projects every few minutes to keep them alive.

The Stonk Exchange [dead]

The Stonk Exchange is a stock market simulator with a twist. Instead of investing in real companies, you invest in your fellow server members.

Domain Hack Finder

Find domain hacks for any word or phrase.


Find the best colors.

HTTP Lookup

Easily look up HTTP status codes.


A fun utility bot for Discord.

Repl Talk API

An API wrapper for getting and sending posts in Repl Talk.

Simple anonymous image uploader.

Repl Talk Bot

A Discord bot that automatically sends posts from Repl Talk into the #repl-talk channel in the Discord.

mat does dev

A website where I will post all my projects, new and old. Dark Theme

A customizable dark theme for

Hytale Discord webhook

Automatically send Hytale blog posts to your Discord server with only one click.